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The technical infrastructure of publishing companies is often not harmonised. Over time, standalone solutions for separate content editors, CMS/web deliveries, apps, asset management systems, tracking/analytics have emerged that hinder modernisation and innovation.

Forward Publishing enables publishing companies and newsrooms to have a smooth transition and transformation to a digitally optimised content workflow. Its set of highly approved software tools and integrated processes builds up and improves the modern publishing cycle.


Flexible interaction in the publishing cycle.

The closed publishing cycle orientates itself on actual user behavior. Publishers can plan flexibly and react to changes in real time.

Easy decision-making.

With the right products your decisions become more directed. Here intuition and well-founded information come together perfectly.

Thanks to user data analysis, decision-making has become much easier. Using AI technology (machine learning), Forward Publishing supports the prioritisation of content, thus driving customer relations. Internal management processes are optimised all the way from scheduling, resource planning, content creation, subscription services and special offers for readers.

Sustainable future strategy.

Due to comprehensive integration, Forward Publishing enables a consistent, data-driven approach to the implementation of a successful publishing strategy.

Guaranteed success.

  • Best of breed. Our modern publishing system integrates the best software solutions available in the publishing industry.
  • Modular integration. We provide a completely integrated system or upgrade your publishing environment step by step.
  • Easy to learn. Our content editor products are extremely easy to use, yet powerful. New employees or freelancers hardly require any training.
  • Shorter processes. Long control stretches are eliminated, thus editorial offices gain time.
  • Digital first. We come from a digital and mobile first world and support existing print systems.
  • Available anywhere. Without installation. In-house editors, freelancers and foreign correspondents all work with the same online content editing tool.
  • Multi-Channel and Multi-Tenant. Automated distribution to all relevant channels and devices. The architecture is designed flexibly, in order to efficiently supply different distributions.
  • Measuring and controlling. Usage data as well as sales data can be transferred directly into your planning process (closed loop, machine learning).
  • Extend and control your sources of revenue. We provide conceptual support and integrate paywalls.
  • Quick time-to-market. Extensive experience and mature products guarantee a fast implementation of your projects.
  • Sustainable and cost effective. A monthly service fee covers all license, maintenance and operation expenses. Risks such as lack of IT-resources and unexpected costs are eliminated.
  • A one-stop solution. Short paths and clear conditions during the entire runtime are guaranteed thanks to the professional handling by Netcetera and Livingdocs.

All products for decentralised newsrooms of today. And tomorrow.


Forward Newsroom Management

Planning for all channels.

Topics should cover all channels and be planned accordingly. Many editorial products push their limits here. With Desk-Net as a seamlessly integrated service of Forward Publishing responsible editorial offices can organise articles for as many channels as they like, for online and offline media: websites, print publications, social media as well as newsletters.

  • Story Planning
  • Story Coordination
  • Task Management
  • Appointment Management

Forward Creation

Publishing made easy.

This modern content creation and publishing system is well known in the publishing market as «Livingdocs» and already successfully in use at large publishing companies and newsrooms. With Forward Creation journalists and designers can efficiently create and publish beautiful and outstanding content in an intuitive, well-structured environment.

With the online service, even smaller publishing companies or communication departments of ten and more editors can easily and flexibly produce great content for your their media.

  • Intuitive Editing
  • Perfected for Collaboration
  • Component based System
  • Decentralised Team Work
  • Multichannel Delivery
  • Continuously Evolving
  • Headless CMS
  • Smart Assets

Forward Distribution

Delivering content seamlessly.

All content is delivered to an almost unlimited number of channels and devices with high efficiency and in top quality. Publishing companies no longer have to be concerned with the elaborate channel-aligned preparation and distribution of content. Furthermore, Forward Distribution supports «multi-tenant». Meaning, the architecture can publish content on different media (e.g., regions, publications) in an extremely flexible manner. Maintenance efforts can be minimised considerably this way, compared to «copy-pasted» instances.

  • Numerous Formats and Consumer Devices
  • Multi Tenant Ability
  • Personalisation of Content
  • Native Apps
  • Headless CMS Integration
  • Delivery of A/B-tests

Forward Assets

Managing and archiving content

Here we focus on permanent information items (digital assets) for further use; such as texts, images and audiovisual elements, which are prepared in the editorial department and are then automatically made available in the system (huGO+) for the respective output channel. In addition to the storage of assets and the automated assignment of metadata, the system also archives articles and editions. This speeds up the asset search and simplifies crediting royalties.

  • Central Storage Location
  • Standard Location for the Latest Asset Version
  • Sophisticated Search Options
  • Efficient Rights Management
  • Use and Earn Multiple Times

Forward Analytics

Measuring and optimising in real-time.

Machine learning allows producers to understand how their content is being received and used. In real-time and graspable. Content is measured and optimised according to predefined KPIs using powerful dashboards. This is where we implement a variety of tools, depending on your specific requirements.

  • Tag Management
  • Tracking Integration
  • Personalised Addressing of Readers
  • AI Based Content Feeds
  • Automated Creation of Dossiers

Forward Paywall

Monetising content.

To protect and to monetise valuable content is a core element of modern publishing. Each article presents a kind of «moment of truth». Our solutions help publishers develop and process paid content offers, user data management and audience development. Here we believe in «Think big and start small».

  • Premium Content Protection
  • Subscription Shop Incorporation
  • In-App Payments
  • Tracking Readers
  • Segmentation of Readers
  • Processing of Payments

Create. Publish. Monetise. Let’s get in touch!

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Notable references

Forward Publishing emerges from the many years of experience Netcetera and Livingdocs have in developing modern publishing solutions. They have developed various publishing products for the NZZ Media Group and other large publishing companies.

«In order to focus on new products and processes, we chose technology partners who take great responsibility for realising/creating our digital products and are able to keep up with our pace of innovation. Today we are working ‹Content first› by separating content creation in the editorial department from the delivery in the channels.»
– Andreas Bossecker, CTIO Neue Zürcher Zeitung Media Group
«Forward Publishing perfectly embraces the concepts that a modern publisher is in need of. Forward Publishing’s core solutions are in use at Swisscom and are tried and proven.»
– Cyrill Treptow, Head of Bluewin

As an experienced partner for various large Swiss publishing companies (Ringier, Tamedia and Neue Zürcher Zeitung) Netcetera has developed a variety of products, including award-winning news apps and their necessary backend infrastructure. The software company serves the entire IT life cycle, from strategic work to implementation and operations.

Thanks to the advanced and unique usability of its state-of-the-art content editor and powerful CMS, Livingdocs has made a name for itself in the media industry and currently supports more than 1000 journalists in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg. Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Swisscom, and Süddeutsche Zeitung are among the major customers.

Sternwald accompanies news, magazine and special interest publishers on their path of digital transformation. At the core of its activities is Digital Asset Management (DAM). Multiple and enhanced usage of valuable content items for all publication channels is a crucial part of the publishing business. Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Tamedia, Grunet + Jahr and Mainpost are among the (long-standing) customers.

Extended Partners

We work closely with our extended partners who provide essential components to our comprehensive solution. We highly value their expertise in all related areas.

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